The Reentry Initiative (TRI) Classroom Observation – 2018

On February 27, 2018, five members of Left Hand Giving Circle visited the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility to observe a class by TRI, our Fall 2017 grantee. Everyone found the class and the visit to be inspiring, eye opening, educational, and fun!

TRI operates under the belief that if given enough support, treatment and accountability, people can break the cycle of crime and incarceration to restore lives, reconcile families, and renew communities.

TRI’s program includes 55 modules of classes, and the class meets twice a week, 1 1/2 hours per class. Classes started in February and will go through August. 120 women applied for the program, and through intense screening, the class size was narrowed down to 12 women who were seen to be those that were most likely to succeed in the program.

Kristi Hornick, the Executive Director of TRI, led the class and is able to effectively connect with the women, hold them accountable, and impart her wisdom and message in a way that is friendly without preaching.

Everyone felt that our $5,000 donation went to a cause that was truly worthwhile and that will make an impact on this demographic. This organization has the ability to transform the lives of these women into productive members of society, which not only benefits them personally, but also the community as a whole.