How do I apply for a grant?

Twice a year, we review grant applications for specific themes. Applications require a short video that tells us more about your organization, as well as a written application. If you wish to be notified when the request for applications go out, please sign up here: Distribution List signup

I’ve never done a video application before. How does that work?

Video applications are a great way for our members to learn more about what you do, and to be able to put a face to your organization. We don’t expect anything fancy or expensive, and all it takes to produce one is a smart phone. Here are some of our winning application videos.

The Inn Between Student Incentive Program video

The Reentry Initiative (TRI) video

We’d love to have Left Hand Giving Circle’s volunteer support! How can we set that up?

We are always looking for impactful group volunteer opportunities. If your organization could use our help, please contact us.