How we work

Philanthropic donations.

Twice a year, we solicit grant applications from nonprofits, review them, and make collaborative decisions on where our donations can be put to the best use. Every member has the opportunity to vote on the winning grant application, and decisions are based on the organization that receives the most votes. The goal is for every member is comfortable with the ultimate grantee, even if the winning nonprofit was not their first choice.

After making our decision, we make in person visits to the winning nonprofit to deliver the grant checks, learn more about the organization, meet the leadership team, and tour the facility, if appropriate.

By pooling our resources together, we are able to make a much greater impact in our local community.

Group volunteer events

We volunteer throughout the year at local nonprofits.  This has included packing school supplies for Crayons to Calculators, participating in a home build at Habitat for Humanity in Longmont, conversing one-on-one with local immigrants through Intercambio, and serving lunch at the OUR Center. The goal is to help out a worthy nonprofit, and have some fun along the way!