The Inn Between - Spring 2017

In May, we granted $5,000 to The Inn Between of Longmont.  The theme for this grant cycle was Helping Children and Youth Overcome Challenges, and The Inn Between’s Student Incentive Program fit the bill perfectly.  The Student Incentive Program offers at-risk, homeless youth a safe, stable, and supportive environment that allows them to stay in school focused on their studies.  Students enrolled in the program must maintain a full-time course schedule with grades and attendance in good standing. In addition to no cost housing, students are connected with the resources needed to keep them in school and provided with guidance to influence healthy lifestyle choices and learn the skills necessary to live independently and self-sufficiently.

See their winning video application.

The Reentry Initiative - Fall 2017

The theme of our Fall 2017 grant was Empowering Women, and we made a $5,000 grant to The Reentry Initiative (TRI).  TRI operates under the belief that if given enough support, treatment and accountability, people can break the cycle of crime and incarceration to restore lives, reconcile families, and renew communities.  TRI is certified to lead the University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute’s Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Program, which is designed to teach participants strategies to manage risk factors.  This program is one of only 3 programs certified by the Colorado Department of Corrections, and consists of 55 modules which run twice a week, 1 1/2 hours per class.  The program starts while the women are in prison, and TRI will continue the program to completion for women who are released before they have graduated.  In addition, TRI has secured a 3 bedroom housing unit with The Inn Between to support qualified clients as they transition out of incarceration.

See their winning video application.

ABLE To Sail - Spring 2018

Left Hand Giving Circle was delighted to make a $5,000 grant to ABLE to Sail to help support their mission of raising the self-esteem of at-risk youth to reduce the impulse to choose high-risk behavior.

See their winning video application

Intercambio and Grey Havens Group

Starting Fall 2018, Left Hand Giving Circle began making two grants every cycle ($5,000 and $2,500). Intercambio and Grey Havens Group received their grants for their outstanding work in helping to combat isolation and loneliness by creating, uniting, and/or engaging community members to develop a sense of belonging